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Is It Time To Audit Your Auditor?
Your legacy freight auditor is likely compromising your profitability. Learn how to audit your auditor using 3 key criteria.
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Is Your Stack of Unconsolidated Freight Invoices Leaking Money?
Learn the 10 key benefits of freight invoice consolidation and why it’s critical to shipping cost control, visibility and bottom line savings.
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Are You Handing Over Your Profits to Your Carriers?
Learn how end-to-end freight auditing, payment processing and discrepancy resolution can eliminate overpayments and increase profits.
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Expect These Three Transportation Trends in 2019
Manufacturers contributed $2.33 trillion to the U.S. economy just in the first quarter of 2018. Their impact on the global economy is tremendous.
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How to Choose the Right Freight Auditing Software for Your Company
According to research by Texas A&M, 80% of shippers usually overpay for their freight. This can significantly hurt their bottom line considering over 50% of their expenditures go into transportation. For this reason, many shippers are adopting innovative strategies for auditing their freight payments, including the use of freight invoice auditing software.
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4 Ways AI Will Impact and Improve Supply Chain Optimization
Once a popular theory in sci-fi movies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has vastly grown to become a common topic in the mainstream media. In fact, over 20% of enterprises are using AI in the core parts of their business. From cybersecurity to energy to healthcare, the applications of AI are unlimited. Now, the revolution is spreading across the supply chain industry.
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Anticipating Worst-Case Scenarios Using Freight Audit Software
The success or failure of any freight shipment is hinged on many aspects that are beyond a company’s control. While a transport company may do everything in its power to ensure a positive delivery, several factors can affect the shipment’s success, even after checks and quality assurances have been made.
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How Freight Audit Software Can Improve Company Efficiency
Ineffective company procedures and lack of transparency can slow down outbound shipments and cause unnecessary expenditures, not to mention a loss in customer satisfaction. Freight audit software is such a game-changer in the transportation and logistics industry that it makes more sense to ask, “how can’t it improve company efficiency?” rather than “how can it improve company efficiency?”
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Everything You Want to Know about Freight Auditing
Freight auditing, as intimidating as it may seem, is an essential process within any business that deals with the shipment of goods to customers through carrier companies.
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The Benefits of Supply Chain Optimization
Supply chain logistics have always been cost-driven, leading businesses to place a lot of attention on transportation logistics and manufacturing expenses.
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How to Improve Transportation in Your Supply Chain
Is transportation the weakest link in your supply chain? Drone delivery could add a new facet to the transportation industry.
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Three Reasons to Find an External Partner for Freight Audits
If you're rapidly approaching your next freight audit, consider hiring an external auditor to get the job done for you. Working with an external freight auditor affords you the freedom to continue focusing on business operations and brand concerns. You don't need to worry about taking time out of your workday to perform mundane, regulatory tasks if you bring somebody in to do them for you.
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