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Freight Invoice Management

No more searching for your shipment data, guessing whether a stack of invoices has been paid or putting off credit claims. Its time to take control of your freight invoices. Our Freight Audit & Analytics solution manages your freight invoices at every stage, from ensuring every invoice is 100% accurate to paying them on time to resolving disputes.

Freight invoices are full of complexities, making manual invoice management extremely difficult. When as many as 90% of freight invoices contain errors, you need Orcas advanced Freight Audit & Analytics solution. It automates freight invoice processing, enables visibility into the entire process and produces an audit trail for every invoice along the way.

Orca streamlines the invoice management process and optimizes cashflow by paying each invoice on time without batching payments. We also deliver invoice metrics to help you understand your freight spend, optimize RFP processing and implement cost controls.

What are the Key Benefits?

Orca Freight Invoice Management:

  • Eliminates overpayments
  • Provides insights into your freight spend
  • Improves profitability


How do I get started?

There are no upfront or monthly payments. The savings we recover from your vendors will pay for the entire service in year one. Orca is one of the best freight audit companies providing this option. Simply give us a call to start saving.
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