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Freight Audit

The freight supply chain is filled with variables and complexity, from the calculation of density and rates to accessorial charges, fuel surcharges, taxes by state/province and much more. The freight audit solution you choose can make the difference between profit and loss on each shipment.

Orcas Freight Audit & Analytics solution classifies freights, verifies base rates, confirms that discounts and/or accessorials have been correctly applied, ensures compliance with tax laws and checks that the correct fees and tariffs have been included. Finally, it confirms the amount for accuracy before payment is run.

With Orca, youre investing in a partner, not a service. The Orca system goes above and beyond the typical, with analysis customized to run different scenario models for you. Our system recognizes patterns, compares costs of alternative carriers and sums up total potential savings or optimized costs. It drills right down to the SKU level, exposing the true cost to serve each customer you have, with each product that they order from you.

What are the Key Benefits?

Orca's Freight Audit Technology

  • ROI expected within one year
  • 100% invoice accuracy
  • Higher profitability


How do I get started?

There are no upfront or monthly payments. The savings we recover from your vendors will pay for the entire service in year one. Orca is one of the best freight audit companies providing this option. Simply give us a call to start saving.
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