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Get full supply chain visibility and be more profitable.

Orca Freight Audit & Analytics is a modern day freight audit organization that prides itself in offering best in market freight audit, data cleansing, and analytical reporting for the lowest prices in the industry. Orca’s solution is an integrated supply chain technology that helps create efficiencies and reduce costs. It empowers your supply chain with the information it needs to make better decisions, faster.

Why is Orca Freight Audit & Analytics Different?

Technology and process are the key drivers to creating a more efficient supply chain. We pride ourselves on providing first-class technology that leads to deeper insights and a better understanding of your current operations processes. Our own processes are custom built to your needs, enabling you to implement our solution with minimal change to your current operation. We do not force you into our box. We have one created to fit your organizational needs.

Visibility that drives profitability.

Our Freight Audit & Analytics solution will give you all of the tools and visibility you need to optimize your supply chain, without spending hours manipulating Excel spreadsheets. Our custom dashboards feature colour-coded graphs and charts that track the KPIs of your choosing. Whether your objective is to cut costs, improve service, or just hold your vendors accountable, we help you identify and execute the optimal solution.

An audit service that finance departments can count on.

Stop paying for your vendors’ billing mistakes. Orca identifies all billing errors in your invoices so you never overpay. We ensure every one of your invoices is 100% accurate and has a fully visible audit trail. Our highly skilled freight audit team will resolve all discrepancies with your vendors on your behalf, saving your team time and money.

Analytics Tool
An analytics tool that will make your logistics team look like heroes.

No more stacks of invoicing issues to correct or accessorial charges to approve. Our solution streamlines processes and frees up your logistics team to optimize your supply chain. Using our business intelligence tools, they can compare your top carriers, break down supply chain expenses by region, ensure they are taking advantage of volume discounts, and more. Our reports and dashboards can be customized to track the data that’s crucial to your profitability.

What are the Key Benefits?

Our goal is to help you make your supply chain work smarter, not harder, so you can focus on what really makes your organization successful.

  • ROI expected within one year
  • 100% invoice accuracy
  • Higher profitability
  • One standard invoice for all vendors
  • Increased cash control
  • Full audit trail on every invoice
  • Full supply chain visibility
  • RFP response optimization
  • Efficient supply chain optimization
  • Increased data quality
  • FTE savings
  • Efficient data collection and consolidation
  • On-demand financial reporting
  • Customizable Tableau dashboards

What are the Key Features?


Our solution streamlines key freight audit and payment tasks:

  • Automating manual freight audit processes such as data collection, invoice review and supply chain reporting
  • Identifying duplicate invoices
  • Verifying base rate and ensuring discounts and/or accessorials have been correctly applied
  • Ensuring compliance with tax laws and checking that correct fees and tariffs have been applied
  • Confirming the final amount for accuracy before payment is run


Our analytics provide you with business intelligence and visibility:

  • A holistic view of your entire supply chain network including: Carrier score card, Cost-to-sell analysis, Customer summary, GL Analysis, Budgetary tracking and more
  • Custom analysis and interactive reports and dashboards
  • Dynamic Tableau dashboards
  • Customized KPI tracking
  • Access to supply chain data from any mobile device at any time

How do I get started?

There are no upfront or monthly payments. The savings we recover from your vendors will pay for the entire service in year one. Orca is one of the best freight audit companies providing this option. Simply give us a call to start saving.
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