Freight Audit FAQs

About Freight Audit & Analytics

What is Freight Auditing?
Why do I need Freight Auditing?
What does Freight Audit & Analytics Software actually do?
What makes Orca’s Freight Audit and Analytics solution better?
Why should I use Orca over handling freight audits internally?
What analytics does Orca’s Freight Audit and Analytics solution provide?
Just how much customization do you offer?
How do I get started with Orca?
Want to optimize your supply chain and become more profitable?
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General Parcel Freight Bill Audit

Which parcel carriers does Orca audit?
Does Orca guarantee to reduce parcel freight costs?
How can I track my freight savings as a result of using Orca?
What is Orca’s freight Audit & Analytics solution looking for on each invoice?
How much time does it take to implement Orca’s Freight Audit & Analytics solution and what do you need from my team
Post-implementation, how much time will we need to dedicate to managing the freight auditing process?
How is Orca different from other parcel freight audit and analytics companies?
What kind of reporting and analytics does Orca offer?
Some audit procedures are already handled by my company internally. Can Orca supplement these with limited auditing that includes only what our internal audits don’t cover?
How will implementing a parcel audit service impact my company’s relationships and service levels with carriers?
We have a general service refund waiver. Is Orca still able to audit our parcel freight invoices?
How much does Orca’s Freight Audit & Analytics solution cost?
Want to find a freight audit partner, not a service?
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General Truck, Rail, Ocean and Air Freight Audit

What modes of freight transportation does Orca audit?
What types of billing errors does Orca’s Freight Audit & Analytics solution look for?
What freight cost recovery percentage can we expect from Orca?
How far back can Orca go to look for erroneous freight billings?
Can Orca conduct secondary freight bill audits?
Does Orca audit paper freight invoices, in addition to electronic ones?
How much does Orca’s Freight Audit & Analytics solution cost?
Want to maximize your freight cost savings?
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General Parcel Freight Contract Negotiations

My contracts include the lowest possible shipping rates. How can Orca help me save more?
Negotiating is my specialty. Why should I hire Orca to negotiate my contracts when I can do it myself?
How much of my time will be required during the contract negotiation process?
What if I have just signed a new carrier contract, do I need to wait for it to expire before Orca can get involved?
If I use Orca’s contract negotiation services, will I need to change carriers?
Will hiring a third-party contract negotiator jeopardize my good relationships with carriers?
I have confidentiality agreements with my carriers. How will they affect my ability to work with Orca?
If Orca analyzes my carrier contracts to show me potential savings, am I obligated to Orca in any way?
Does Orca guarantee to reduce shipping costs through their contract negotiation services?
Want to optimize your contract negotiations?
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