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Freight Claims Processing

No matter how meticulous your team is, manual auditing will never come close to catching the carrier invoicing errors that our software detects and eliminates. Not only do we ensure that your invoices are 100% correct, our highly skilled freight audit team will resolve all discrepancies with your vendors, saving you time and money.

Orca maintains strong relationships with multiple carriers. We nurture those relationships so that when it comes to processing freight claims, we are able to expedite dispute resolution for you.

Our software manages your claims and delivers current and historical claims processing data on demand in real time. Were a partner, not a service, and we see it as our job to manage the processing of your claims, provide on-demand visibility of their status and resolve any disputes on your behalf.

What are the Key Benefits?

Orca’s Freight Claims Processing:

  • Expedites claims processing and dispute resolution
  • Delivers current and historical claims data on demand
  • Saves valuable FTE time


How do I get started?

There are no upfront or monthly payments. The savings we recover from your vendors will pay for the entire service in year one. Orca is one of the best freight audit companies providing this option. Simply give us a call to start saving.
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