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Freight Accounting

Orcas Freight Audit & Analytics solution can be customized to the accounting rules of your business and help you plan, account for and control freight costs. It automates invoice auditing and payment processing, creates an audit trail and resolves discrepancies.

To make accurate projections and better ongoing business decisions you need detailed freight accounting data, such as accruals. Orcas Freight Audit & Analytics solution generates accruals for invoices that are scheduled for future payment and for shipments with delayed invoices. Our solution records all accrued expenses according to your accounting rules.

To enable you to allocate shipments to the correct expense line, our solution assigns GL codes as defined by your business. It can also assign multiple codes to a single item. Orca saves your accounting team considerable time and ensures your financial reports are accurate through proper coding, accruals and more.

What are the Key Benefits?

Orca Freight Accounting:

  • Supports better projections and business decisions
  • Generates accurate freight accruals and assigns GL codes
  • Saves your finance team’s FTE time


How do I get started?

There are no upfront or monthly payments. The savings we recover from your vendors will pay for the entire service in year one. Orca is one of the best freight audit companies providing this option. Simply give us a call to start saving.
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