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Get full supply chain visibility to cut costs, optimize processes and maximize profits.
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About Orca

We’re a partner, not a service.
Orca delivers cutting-edge integrated supply chain technology that helps create efficiencies to save you money. But we’re much more than that. We get to know your business needs, and we customize our tools, services and processes to help you achieve your goals sooner. No more searching for your shipment data, guessing your freight partners’ performance or blindly serving your clients with sub-par transportation providers. Our software ensures that your supply chain analytics are at your fingertips.
Get full supply chain visibility and control transportation costs.
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Freight Audit & Analytics Solution

Supply chain visibility and intelligence to keep you lean and profitable.
Our leading-edge technology ensures your invoices are 100% accurate, while gathering all critical supply chain data and presenting it to you via interactive dashboards customized to your KPIs. It’s time to take control of your transportation spend. Our Freight Audit & Analytics solution will help you get there.
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Who benefits?



Gain deep insight into supply chain performance and save on costs.


Quickly identify overcharges and get refunds.


Obtain centralized and mobile supply chain visibility and reporting.


Get the best carrier rates and optimize your supply chain.

You Are Being Overcharged By Your Carriers

It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of how much.
Although carrier invoices can be riddled with errors, our Freight Audit & Analytics technology identifies those errors and recovers the funds for you.
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How Orca Helps in the Real World

“The Orca analytics tool has helped parmalat connect the dots within our supply chain. We are able to act quickly, and with confidence that the correct decision was made. With complete supply chain visibility, we are able to focus on strategically improving the supply chain on a day to day basis.”
– National Transportation Manager - Parmalat

What You Need to Know

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