Carbon Calculator


Want to understand the carbon footprint of your transportation & logistics activities?


There is little scientific doubt that human activities are having a significant effect on the world’s climate. A major contributor over the past century is fossil-fuel combustion used in the energy, industry and transportation sectors (IPCC, 2021). One of the most obvious solutions in reducing pollution is awareness, and for many merchants, understanding the impact of their transportation operations can be challenging with globally distributed supply chains. In short, quantifying carbon emissions as accurately and reasonably as possible is critical. Only with precise emissions calculations can we properly identify, prioritize, and monitor climate change mitigation strategies


To this end, Orca and TAF sponsored the development of the Rotman Student Research Carbon Calculator (RSRCC) that is designed specifically for the transport and logistics sector. A key differentiator of the Orca carbon emissions calculator is the inclusion of Scope 3 emissions, which captures both the direct emission impacts associated with emissions made by the company, as well as indirect impacts arising from the energy used by the company as well as supply chain impacts. These include emissions directly associated with freight, including all parcel, trucking, ocean, air, and rail shipments.


The RSRCC model is highly customizable and adaptable and has been explicitly designed to be updated as new information regarding transportation impacts becomes available. The RSRCC model will enhance Orca’s existing offerings and allow companies to:

  • Enable data-driven business decisions
  • Identify cost saving opportunities
  • Help drive profitability
  • Monitor and improve the environmental impact associated with their transportation and logistics activities