How Freight Audit Software Can Improve Company Efficiency

How Freight Audit Software Can Improve Company Efficiency

Ineffective company procedures and lack of transparency can slow down outbound shipments and cause unnecessary expenditures, not to mention a loss in customer satisfaction. Freight audit software is such a game-changer in the transportation and logistics industry that it makes more sense to ask, “how can’t it improve company efficiency?” rather than “how can it improve company efficiency?” Enterprises don’t exist in a vacuum outside of digital technology, and there are so many benefits to switching to automated in-house freight auditing. Here are just some of the improvements your company can expect from   freight audit software,   courtesy of Orca Intelligence.

Actionable Analytics Lead to a Better Supply Chain Management

Imagine receiving timely data that you can leverage to improve your business’ billing, shipping, and tracking for each carrier? The analytics you receive with freight audit software empowers you to make better business decisions from every step in the supply chain. Search functions on freight audit software are easily customizable to help you focus on shipping and freight activities by customer, sales type, carrier, date, and more. This allows you to pinpoint inefficiencies in your operations.

Centralized Information Encourages Better Interdepartmental Communication

Aggregating your supply chain data brings all necessary shipping and invoice documentation into one streamlined solution that’s easy to use, analyze, and organize. A centralized source of data that can be used by all departments eliminates the typical “knowledge silo” issue and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Automated Processes Mean Less Human Error

With custom-built freight audit software, you can expect nothing less than complete accuracy. Automation eliminates the potential for human error and speeds up invoicing into a simple, streamlined process. Freight billing errors can be costly mistakes that are caused by incorrect billing and overpayments. Automatic invoice collection can show an immediate deduction in supply-chain spending.

Delivery Data Helps Identify Service Failures and Fraudulent Use

Adopting freight audit software is like a spring cleaning for your end-to-end processes. One of the essential functions of its analytics tools is its ability to immediately detect and analyze any possible service failures, fraudulent activity, and major errors. With freight audit software, you’ll be able to generate exception reports that show a differentiation between contract rates and invoices.

Orca’s freight auditing solution offers clients streamlined management that has the potential to reduce unnecessary costs, increase profits, and clean up disorganized processes.   Contact Orca today   or give us a call at   1.844.GET.ORCA (438.6722)


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