Three Reasons to Find an External Partner for Freight Audits

If you're rapidly approaching your next   freight audit,   consider hiring an external auditor to get the job done for you. Working with an external freight auditor affords you the freedom to continue focusing on business operations and brand concerns. You don't need to worry about taking time out of your workday to perform mundane, regulatory tasks if you bring somebody in to do them for you.

External audits have other upsides, too. It's easier to ensure objectivity and produce a credible audit report if someone from outside of your organization has crunched the numbers. That outside auditor could even stumble across the same information you've been trying to emphasize the importance of for months. Partner with an external auditor and before long, you'll be wondering why you ever audited internally in the first place. 

Here are three reasons to partner with an external freight auditor, courtesy of   Orca Intelligence:

#1: Lower Hassle and Fewer Worries

The auditing process is actually pretty in-depth. Freight invoice audits involve a deep dive into your company's financial health; they also call for analyzing every relevant transaction you've recorded. Taking the time to pour over your books and look for minuscule mistakes is a luxury that not every business owner can afford.

If you're willing to outsource the auditing process, you'll save yourself a significant amount of time and concern. It's likely you'll actually save cash, too, since you won't be wasting valuable time doubling back while you work. Having a fresh set of eyes to look over your information helps you focus on what's important: keeping your business running.

Orca Intelligence software saves our customers time and money by ensuring your invoices are 100% accurate. No matter how meticulous your team is, freight audit software will always be more precise than manually entering invoices. Orca detects and eliminates with complete accuracy carrier invoicing errors.

On top of ensuring that your invoices are completely accurate, Orca Intelligence makes sure that your shipments are reaching your customers in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible. Our findings give you the information you need to adjust your supply chain processes to optimize your profits and eliminate unnecessary spending.

#2: Objectivity and Credibility

An objective audit is a credible audit. Even if you believe that your staff will be able to see past their own bias during the audit process   (and research shows that they won't),   third parties and regulatory agencies would much rather see that somebody outside of your company approves of the way you're doing business. 

Working with an external organization to complete your freight audits ensure that your auditor has no vested interest in lying or fudging results for your company's benefit. That means you'll be able to rest easier at night knowing your business practices are sound and reliable.

It can be intimidating to allow an outsider to judge your work. Consider that an external auditor's job is simply to detect and address problems. The worst that can happen is your auditor runs into an issue, brings it to your attention, and you begin work on rectifying the problem. Look at audits as opportunities for feedback—not attacks. 

Orca’s main priority is to add value to your company by bringing a fresh and objective point of view with a focus on innovating cost-saving solutions for our partners. While our software is continuously looking for billing errors due to duplicate charges, incorrect delivery area surcharges, late deliveries, etc., our solutions are fully customizable to provide our partners with a service that works for their unique supply chain.

#3: Validating Internal Findings

If you've already performed your own audits internally, bringing in a third-party to assess the same factors can help verify your findings. Many companies stage miniature internal audits between larger ones to try to keep up with problems as they arise; this is a great practice that's made better by the fact that external auditors can provide feedback on your findings.

This can be especially beneficial if you're having a tough time getting team members or upper management to hear you out. It's not uncommon for “negative” feedback to fall on deaf ears if it's circulated within a company. The opportunity to have an external professional or software validate your findings could prove to be a tremendous benefit if you're trying to point out trouble or enact change. 

Orca Intelligence doesn’t stop at invoice audits. Our highly skilled freight audit team uses the data we collect to implement solutions to save your company time and money, and ultimately increase your organization’s value. Our integrated supply chain technology is designed first to detect inefficiencies and then to develop more proficient processes that generate fewer costs. If our software data supports your findings, Orca Intelligence will find a clear solution to satisfy your management team and company stakeholders.

Trust Orca Intelligence to Provide Accurate External Freight Auditing

Partnering with an external freight auditor is the ideal solution to ensure complete objectivity. More importantly, investing in freight auditing software is the most logical solution for guaranteeing 100% accuracy without risking human error. Using software like Orca’s frees up your time, allowing you to focus on the operational needs of your business. Our software not only saves you time and money, but it also helps you bolster your relationships with your supply chain partners.

Do we have you convinced that external is the way to go for your next freight audit? Save money with an external freight audit from Orca Intelligence! We offer Canada's best freight auditing services alongside our cutting-edge, integrated supply chain technology and client support capabilities. If you're ready to start planning for your company's future,   get in touch with us today


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